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High-end custom
5 inch
6 inches
8 inches
10 inches
H hinge
Non-standard hinge

    Changzhou Jiada Hardware Co., Ltd. is located in Furong town neighboring with Hu-ning Express way and is only three km from Hengshan Entrance of Hu-ning Express way. You can also arrive here by the 15-road bus from the Changzhou Train Station.
    Our company covers an area of 12,000 m2 and has a capital asset of five million yuan; it mainly produces illuminating equipments and various hardware for door-use. The illuminating equipments include high lever lamps, single and double armed lamps, assembly lamps, lawn lamps, underground lamps and festival lamps etc. which are widely used in street, plaza, station, port and mine etc. We also produce high-pressure sodium and hydrargyrum lamps, ballast and trigger and so on. The hardware include stainless steel gemel, bolt, selector and support etc. which are mainly used in fireproof and burglarproof doors, fittings of ship doors and normal house doors. All our products are qualified examined by the National Fixed Fire Exhaust Extinguish System and Fireproofing Structure Quality Surveillance Inspection Center.
    We have been keen on the quality and the development of new products and have passed the ISO9001 Quality certification; and we won the gold prize of Chinese Patent Techniques Exhibition.
    Our marketing belief is Customer centered and quality based, develops by creation and makes profit by management; we will offer you good quality products and satisfied service.  

  Copyright @ 2020 Changzhou Jiada Hardware Co., Ltd.    KICP05003285̖    
Add:The industrial area Daqiao of Hengshan town,Changzhou,Jiangsu  Tel:0519-88763142  E-mail:http://cn-jiada.com/